Caring for Young Families: Young families and single parents in our community often have had a hard time pursuing higher education or better jobs. It’s time to give them a hand up.
Mental Health: Our family members with mental health issues need help and support. Johnny has a soft spot for autism and other mental health issues.
Homeless: The homeless need job programs to get them back on their feet. Johnny will champion the creation of business opportunities for the homeless in our community.
Attracting Employers: Current laws make this community unattractive to employers. Johnny will work to bring employers and create new jobs and businesses.
Housing: Unaffordable housing is a crisis. Promoting businesses and lowering corporate taxes will increase wages and ease the burden by putting more hard-earned money in the pockets of our families.
Basic Life Skills: Job preparation and money management are not taught to our youth. We will create programs to teach our community members how to file taxes, prepare resumes, and manage money.
Utilities: Our utility costs are continuously increasing, burying residents in mountains of payments. Johnny will fight to keep these costs down.
School choice: Parents should not be forced to send their children to schools based on their zip code. By advocating for a system of school choice, parents have the flexibility to choose whichever school best suits the needs of their child with added benefit of an extra tax-dollar credit.
Transparency: Our family tax dollars seem to vanish without any trace of what they were used on. Johnny wants to implement a system in which our local and state governments release a quarterly profit and loss statement (P&L). It is also important to have transparency of bidding contracts at all levels of government.
Lower Taxes: Johnny will work with local city councils to undo the unnecessarily high taxes that harm our hard-working residents. At a state level, this would include working to repeal the gas tax, etc.
Strengthening our Local Police Departments: Johnny will work to strengthen the relationship between our brave law enforcement officers and our community, starting by teaching our youth to respect our police and other valuable first responders.
Securing our Schools: School safety is an absolute priority. Students should not feel unsafe when going to class. Johnny believes in allocating funds to hire fully-vetted, trained, and armed security personnel on campuses. With this, Johnny also would like to implement a system through which teachers can volunteer to train on firearm use. We cannot afford another preventable tragedy in this country.
Hiring Incentives: Johnny will fight for federal tax breaks for small businesses to hire veterans and the homeless. Coupled with this, there will also be tax breaks to hire teens.




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