U.S. Constitution: Our Constitution is under constant attack by the Democrats. All politicians need to adhere to the Supreme LAW of our Nation. They are not above it and need to be held accountable for all unconstitutional laws they pass. Absolutely no one shall be above the law.
Gun rights: The Democrats only know how to attack our fundamental rights. Guns do not kill people just like how knives or any other methods used to commit murders. Ill driven individuals kill people. Instead of blaming guns every time a crime involving a gun is committed, we need to hold the individual committing the crime accountable for it.  Johnny will stand up for our Constitutional rights to keep and bear arms. The California laws banning certain guns and limiting magazine capacities are useless and only further the Democratic agenda to infringe upon our Second Amendment rights.
Economy: Johnny loves capitalism; the free market system that allows those who work hard to live better. Excessive government involvement has resulted in unnecessary business regulations that have killed many jobs and crippled our economy. The Democratic Party has promoted free load-ism. It is time for individuals to take personal responsibility. We need less government and more privatization and allow the free market system work and prosper.
Pass The FAIRtax: Johnny fully supports the passing and implementation of The FAIRtax. This legislation aims to reinvigorate the U.S. economy with millions of new, well paying jobs under a federal tax system that:
  • Encourages a culture of savings and capital formation

  • Provides adequate funding for current and future national spending priorities

  • Restores the freedom, dignity and privacy of the taxpayer

  • Positions the U.S. to compete globally

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Law Enforcement: Our brave men and women in law enforcement are victims of political correctness. Years of lawlessness and stand down orders have resulted in a “war on law enforcement.” Law enforcement executives have lost the ability to properly lead their force and have become more preoccupied with their image, status, pay and promotion. Power and money have become the primary concern of many police and sheriff executives. Doing what is morally and ethically right have been pushed aside making the men and women on the thin blue line the victims of political corruption.
Veterans: Our nation’s heroes are being treated horribly. It is fundamental we fix the broken VA and ensure our veterans receive the best care our country can offer. Many veterans struggle to find jobs once they leave service. It is time we put Veterans first. Johnny will work hard to make sure his district and surrounding districts take care of our heroes.
Immigration: We must secure our borders. We are a nation of laws and we cannot reward those that want to break our immigration laws and create a shortcut by demanding amnesty and citizenship. Those who do not immigrate to our country legally and do not pay their fair share in taxes by working cash are draining our economy. We support LEGAL IMMIGRATION.
Deterioration: When the beautiful California had conservatives in office, graffiti and filth were not present on the streets. Skid row in downtown Los Angeles has become a hub for homelessness, lawlessness, graffiti and infinite trash. Every big city controlled by leftists has faced the same fate. Corruption is governing every progressive policy. A lot of individuals and big corporations have gotten very rich due to this. The “pay for play” policies by many career politicians have got to stop. It is time to give the power back to the people with smaller governments.
Pro-Life: The recent push to legalize late-term abortion is absolutely despicable—it is advocacy for murder. Johnny will fight tooth and nail to keep our taxpayer dollars out of Planned Parenthood.
Every life matters--even those yet to be born.




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